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Thank you for showing interest in our association!

We are currently establishing a wait-list for membership slots that will come available after January 1, 2019.    

Excerpts from the association’s Constitution & By-laws regarding membership

  • “Any citizen over the age of twenty-one (21) years upon the application and recommendation of a member in good standing shall be eligible for election to regular membership.”
  • “Any U.S. citizen over the age of (16) and under the age of (21) upon application with the recommendation of a member in good standing, shall be eligible for election to a Junior membership.”

Prospective Member are required to submit:

1.  A fully completed Application for Membership, with signatures. 

                          Click on link for application:  GH App-July 2016

2.  A payment of $260.00 payment.  The payment covers a one-time $100.00 Initiation      Fee, First year’s dues of $100.00, $50.00 Steak Bake Ticket and $10.00 in Raffles.

3.  A clear copy of a valid photo ID.  

     Submitted Applications for Membership are presented to the general membership and Prospective Members are required to participate in an interview with members of the Board of Directors.  Once all required conditions are satisfied, a vote will be held a Members’ Meeting.  A background check will also be conducted.

     According to our By-laws & Constitution, the maximum number of Active Members is capped at 135.  If the maximum number of Active Members is reached, a wait list will be established and vacancies filled as they become available.  

     Life Membership status is granted to those members who have accumulated 25 years of service.  Life Members are exempt from annual dues and required work hours.    

    For more information, contact the Financial Secretary, Curt Bailey @ 914-456-9464 or by sending an e-mail to


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