Stony Creek Lodge

Our Stony Creek Lodge facility consists of 80+ acres adjacent to NYS Forrest and Len’s Lake within the Adirondack Park in Warren County, NY. The house is believed to have been erected in the mid to late 1800’s.  Old photographs and writings found in the house suggests that it was a farm, a well as some type of resort, Wawbeek Lodge.  There is no evidence that the house was affiliated with the great Wawbeek Lodge located near Saranac Lake.

The Stony Creek Lodge has been in the possession of the Green Haven Fish & Game Association since 1965.  The first floor consists of a large kitchen, living room, bathrooms and locker facility.  The second and third floors consist of several bedrooms, enough to sleep 30+ guests.  There is running water/septic, electric and heat is provided by two wood-burning stoves.





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