Shooting Range

Range Rules: Revised May 1, 2015

Note: Reference throughout these Rules to either “GHF&GA” or the “Club”

means Green Haven Fish & Game Association Inc. 

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1.0       GENERAL GUN SAFETY RULES ……………………………………………1

2.0       SPECIFIC RULES………………………………………………………………2-4

3.0       FIREARMS RANGE …………………………………………………………..5-6

4.0       ARCHERY RANGE ……………………………………………………………..7



RANGE INCIDENT FORM………………………………………….…………………9-10


1.1  Always point the muzzle in a safe direction.

1.2  Always keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

1.3  Always keep the action open and gun unloaded until ready to use.

1.4  Know how the gun operates.

1.5  Be sure your gun and ammunition are compatible.

1.6  Be sure of your target and what is beyond.

1.7  It is MANDATORY that eye and ear protection be worn.

1.8  The use of the range is PROHIBITED while under the influence of drugs/ alcohol.

1.9  A cease fire can be called by ANYONE at any time.


NOTE:  Safety is of the utmost importance.  It is expected that all members who observe anyone using poor judgment or committing an act that is in violation of the GHF&GA Rules, remind that person of proper safety procedures. 

2.1  SAFE CONDITIONS:  The use of unsafe firearms or unsafe ammunition is   PROHIBITED.  It shall be at the discretion of a Range Officer whether a condition is safe.   If no Range Officer is present use common sense.

2.2  ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES AND/OR MEDICATION:  The consumption of alcoholic beverages, either prior to or while using any range facility, is prohibited.  The use or consumption of any drugs or medication which impairs ones vision, coordination or judgment, either prior to or while using any range facility is prohibited.

2.3  GUESTS:  A member may bring his/her spouse and children an unlimited number of times as guests.  A member may also bring people who are not related to them, but only two such persons at a time.  No guest may use the Club’s facilities unless the host member is present on the range.  Members will have priority use of range, and guests will yield their shooting position as capacity allows.  The host member must be present with the guest(s) on any range facility at all times.  Only one guest may be on the firing line at a time. 

2.4  HOURS OF OPERATION:  No discharge of firearms is to occur on any range prior to 10:00 am Monday-Saturday, 12:00 pm on Sunday.  No discharge of firearms is to occur on any firearms range after sunset except if proper lighting has been provided by the Club.  The range is closed during all events.

2.5  FULL AUTO:  No fully automatic or Class III firearms may be fired on the Club’s premises except during special events.

2.6  FIRING LINE:  Shooting on all ranges must be from the designated firing lines and must be in line with the shooter’s own target.  No shooting ahead of the line is allowed at any of the GHF&GA ranges except during special events.

2.7  LOADING AND UNLOADING:  All loading and unloading of firearms must be done at the firing line after observing the safe range condition.  All firearms must be unloaded, and the actions of all rifles, shotguns, and pistols, cylinders of all revolvers, and single action loading gates must be open with magazines and/or clips removed, except when on the firing line and “ready to fire”.  This rule does not apply to firearms that are holstered.  The actions of firearms may be closed if the firearm is holstered or cased, but they must be emptied.

2.8  REQUESTING A “CLEAR” TO GO DOWN RANGE:  Before going forward of any firing line, a shooter shall request a “Clear”.  Other shooters should reply “I Am Clear”.  Once the line is “clear” a safe condition will then exist.  That means all actions are open, all magazines are removed and all shooters are at least three feet behind the firing line.  No loaded firearm shall be carried forward of the firing line.  The touching or handling of firearms, ammunition or magazines while a “safe condition” exists is strictly prohibited.  No firearms may be handled or loaded until after all people are behind the firing line and the “safe condition” is removed.

2.9  MISFIRES AND DEFECTIVE AMMUNITION:  Should any cartridge fail to fire during shooting, the shooter shall bench the firearm, keeping the muzzle pointed down range and wait 60 seconds before removing the cartridge.  Defective or unsafe ammunition shall be placed in the “dud container”.  Ammunition placed in the “dud container” is deemed unacceptable for use on any range.

2.10  PROHIBITED AMMUNITION:  No tracer rounds, armor piercing rounds or steel core ammunition are permitted on Club property.

2.11  SUSTAINED FIRE:  When one’s ability allows, sustained fire is acceptable.  All shots must be on paper for the speed which they are shooting.

2.12  TARGETS:  Only paper targets mounted on Club supplied frames may be fired at with rifles and handguns, except for shooting at Club provided steel targets.  Only paper targets may be fired at with shotguns.  Plinking (shooting at cans, rocks, bottles, etc.) is strictly prohibited.  The use of explosive targets is prohibited, except when used in a special Club event.

2.13  SHOOTING DISTANCES:  All shooting must be from prescribed distances, and only at those range areas with backstops.

2.14  RANGE ALTERATION:  Digging in any backstop is prohibited.

2.15  QUICK DRAW:  Quick draw practice or hip shooting is prohibited.  “Special permission” must be obtained from the Club President or Range Officer.

2.16  POLICING:  Members are responsible for policing any range area that they or their guest(s) use.  All refuse including paper, cardboard, wood, and non-reclaimable spent shell casings must be deposited in proper receptacles.

2.17  NO HUNTING:  There is to be absolutely no hunting or intentional firing at any animals or birds on the Range.

2.18  CONDITIONS:  It shall be at the discretion of a Range Officer whether a condition is safe or unsafe during events.  It is the host member’s responsibility to make certain that their guests are not in violation of any Club Bylaw or Range Rule.

2.19  INJURY:  Anyone who sustains any kind of bodily injury shall notify the Club President, a member of the Board of Directors, Range Officer or Range Chairman.

2.20  REQUEST FOR VARIANCE:  Any procedures, special requests or variation of these Range Rules, which may or may not be covered, must be approved by the Board of Directors.

2.21  IDENTIFICATION:  Refusal to identify oneself or one’s guest will be cause for said person(s) to be asked to vacate Club property.

2.22  VIOLATIONS:  Penalties for violations of any of these Range Rules shall vary from a warning to suspension and may include expulsion at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

2.23  PROTECTION:  Eye and Ear Protection must be worn on Firearms Ranges during course of fire.

2.24  SMOKING:  No smoking in range house or in immediate vicinity of firing lines.


3.1  Hours of Operation:

A.  10:00 am to sunset Monday through Saturday.

B.  12:00 am to sunset on Sundays.

3.2  Caliber limit:  No .50 caliber center fire rifles/rounds allowed.

3.3  Maximum Ammunition Capacity for All Firearms:  No more than 10 rounds are to be loaded.  This applies to all tube, cylinder or magazine fed firearms.  The only exception may be a sanctioned competitive event.

3.4  Firearms will not be pointed higher than parallel to the ground while you are in the act of shooting at your target.  For example; you may not begin your shooting routine by pointing your firearm skywards and then pointing it down to the target.

3.5  Shooters must fly the red flag before firing commences.  This indicates to everyone that the range is in use.  No shooting is allowed when the yellow safety flag is flown.

3.6  The yellow flag is to be flown whenever anyone is in the area behind the range.  ALL individuals going behind the range MUST SIGN IN AND OUT in the book provided.

3.7  All shooting must be conducted from the firing lines. (See also Specific Rules, section 2.6 “Firing Line”)

3.8  All firearms being fired at a distance less than 50 yards must be fired on the right side of the firing line.

3.9  Only one paper target may be centered on a club supplied frame.  The maximum size of the target shall be 18″ x 18″ (see sample targets in range building).  Target frames must be returned to the target storage areas when shooting is completed.  Ground targets are PROHIBITED.  The use of any target support other than Club supplied steel or wooden target frames are prohibited.

3.10  Shotguns:

A.  Only rifled or sabot slugs.

B.  Patterning is allowed only on dedicated oversized target stands.

C.  The use of clay pigeons is prohibited except when used in a sanctioned event.  No lead shot will be used for said event.

3.11  Use of Silhouette targets (i.e. any target that looks like a person or a silhouette of a person in part or whole) is allowed if no violation of NYS law.

3.12  Minimum Ages:  The minimum age for all shooters on the range is 12 years of age.  All New York State laws apply.

3.13  Members with Guests:  Members must stay within arm’s reach of their guest at all times when the guest is on the firing line.  If the member cannot stay within arm’s reach of the guest, while on the firing line, the guest must move behind the safe line.  When the member goes down range the guest must either go down range with the member or the guest must leave the range.

3.14  No Skeet or Trap shooting allowed on Sprout Creek property.


4.1  FIREARMS:  Holstered Hand Guns are allowed. (Not to be used)

4.2  BOW TYPE:  This range is for all types of bows.

4.3  No shooting from inside any shelter.

4.4  Only field points are to be used on the targets.

4.5  No Broad heads are to be used on Club supplied targets.

4.6  Use extreme caution when shooting from the tree stand.

4.7  You must proceed one way only on 3-D Archery Course.  Follow all stations in numerical order. (FOLLOW THE TRAIL)

4.8  Broken arrows or any other discarded paraphernalia is not to be left on the Archery Range.   PLEASE DISPOSE OF PROPERLY.

4.9  You may only use a crossbow on the designated crossbow target.

4.10  PROHIBITED:  Walking with an arrow nocked on your bow string.

4.11  PROHIBITED:  Moving any archery target from its location.

4.12  CAUTION:  When looking for a lost arrow behind the targets, always hang bow or something visible on the front of the target or have someone stand in front of the target.



If at any time a member of Green Haven Fish & Game Association, Inc. believes that a fellow club member and/or their guest(s) are in violation of the established and posted Range Rules as set forth in this document, he or she has the responsibility to notify any club officer or the Range Committee Chairperson of the alleged incident.  Notification is done through the submission of a Range Incident Form.   Copies of this form, along with the Range Rules, are located in the both the Range and Club Houses at the Sprout Creek facility and near the sign-in book at the Stony Creek facility.  A copy of the Range Rules and the form will also be available on the club website.

Once a completed Range Incident Form is properly submitted, an investigation shall be initiated by either the Club President or Range Committee Chairperson.  Should the alleged violator or member-host of the alleged violator be either the Club President or Range Committee Chairperson, said individual must recuse himself/herself from both the investigative and any disciplinary process.

Immediately upon receipt of a completed Range Incident Form, the alleged violators’ range privileges shall be suspended until either an unfounded determination has been made or further action is taken by the Board of Directors.  Notification of the member’s suspended range privileges shall be made by the Club President by telephone and by certified mail.

The investigation into the alleged incident must be completed within fifteen (15) days of the receipt of the Range Incident Form and documented utilizing the Range Incident Investigation Report.  If it is determined that a serious violation of the Range Rules has occurred, the Club President shall present the Range Incident Investigation Report at the next Board of Directors meeting or convene a special meeting of the Board of Directors within fifteen (15) days, whichever is sooner.

The violator and the host member, if the violator was guest, shall be notified via certified mail that their presence is required when the Range Incident Investigation Report is presented to the Board of Directors.  The report shall be addressed by the Board of Directors regardless of whether the violator or host member is present.

The Board of Directors shall levy any penalty and/or fine against the violator or responsible host member, including possible membership revocation.  If deemed appropriate, the Board of Directors may also report the incident to local law enforcement and/or other regulatory authorities









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